Updated Nov/Dec 2021

Champagne                 (175ml)glass/bottle)


House Champagne                       £14.00/£55.00


Moet & Chandon Brut                                 £86

Veuve Clicquot  Ponsardin                          £90

Bollinger Special Cuvee NV                        £97

Dom Perignon                                        £350

Krug Grand Cuvee NV                               £380

Cristal Brut Vintage                                 £380


Rose Champagne                         

Moet Rose                                                 £95

Laurent Perrier Rose                                  £120

Beau Joie                                               £250

Dom Perignon Rose                               £520



Champagne Cocktails                       £14.00

Bellini  Peach Puree and Champagne

Rossini Strawberry puree and Champagne



White Wines          (175ml)  glass/bottle

(125ml available by request)

Pinot Grigio,Italy                                       £7.00/£25                             

Blanco Garnacha,Spain                                     £31

Sancerre,France                                                     £45     

Chablis 1er Cru,France                                      £77


Red Wines                (175 ml) glass/bottle

(125ml available by request)

Rometta,Italy                                              £7/£25

El mago,Organic,Spain                                   £27

Malbec,France                                                  £35

Organic Cabernet Chinon,France                   £45

Chateau S.Emillion Pezat,France                   £85


Rose Wine                 (175 ml) glass/bottle

(125ml available by request)

Pretty Gorgeous,France                             £7/ £25

Chateau Sant Margarite Rose                            £48





Beer bottle  33cl 5%                                              £5


Cider 500ml Btl                                                    £7




12.5% Service Charge will be added to your bill for room/table/tab service.





Contemporary  Cocktail                 

(Cocktail bar close at 24:30 )


Fly me to the Moon                                                 £13.50

Fresh passion fruits, white peach puree, vodka, passoa, dash of orange juice on crushed ice.

Lady Gaga                                                               £15.00

Fresh watermelon and raspberry muddled with raspberry vodka, pomegranate juice on crushed ice.

Rihanna                                                                 £13.50

 Jack Daniels whisky combining with amaretto liqueur, dash of apple juice and cherry garnish, finished up with a twist of lemon.


Classic Cocktail                            from               £11.00


Dark & Stormzy  Dark  Rum, ginger beer and limes

Negroni    Gin, Campari, Red vermouth                

Sex on the beach Vodka,Peach,cranberry,orange     £11.50

Espresso Martini Beluga, Kalhua Espresso             £12.00

Porn Star Martini                                                   £14.00

Passion fruit , Vanilla Vodka, with champagne shot


More classic available ask at the bar. If you desire any drinks/cocktails that do not appear on our menu please ask us  we will happily make them for you.


Shooters                                                                       from  £6.50

Karaoke Monster Butterscotch Schnapps / Baileys 

Sex Bomb Vodka with strawberry puree and lychee

B52 Kaluha  , Bayleys and Grand Marnier

Slippery Nipple Baileys and Sambuca

Jeger Bomb Jegermester / Red Bull                                              



Vodka*    (single 25ml/ double 50ml/ Bottle70cl)*

        (Mixer not included in the price)

Eristoff  Vodka                           £6/£7.50/£115

Ketel/ Stolichnaya/Zubrowka     £6.5/£8.5/125             

Grey Goose/Belvedere/Ciroc     £7.5/£10.5/£160

Crystal Head                                £8/£13£180

Kauffman Vintage                                      £9/£17/£230

Beluga                                      please enquire


Gins* (Mixer not included in the price)

Gin                                            £6/£7.50/£115           

Bombay/Portobello/Bloom       £7/£8.5/£125

  1. Blood orange /Cucumber £7/£8.5/£125

London Gin/Rhubarb-rose    £7.5/£9.5/£145

Hendricks                                £8/£10.50/£160

Tanqueray                              £8/£10.50/£160

Tanqueray 10                              £9/£13/£180



Tequila* (Mixer not included in the price)

El Jimador                                  £6/£10/£140

Patron Rapo/Silver/cafe           £7.50/£13/£180            

Altos                                           £8 /£15/£200

Patron Anejo                           £10/£18/£250

Tequila Rose                             £5/£10£140

Don Julio/Mejor Pink                 £8/£15/£190

Herradura Suprema             £25.00/£50/£700






Rums*(single 25ml/ double 50ml/ Bottle70cl)*            

(Mixers not included in the price)


Bacardi                              £6.50/£8.50/£120

Bacardi  Gold                         £7/£8.5/£130

Goslings black seal                £7/£8.5/£130

Havana Club 3 Year                 £7/£8.5/£130

Havana Club 7 Year          £7.50/£11.5/£160

Morgan’s Spi/Sailor Jerry         £7/£8.5/£130

Mount Gay Eclipse                 £7.5/£10/£150





Ardbeg                                         £8/£14/£180

Chivas Regal 18 Year                  £9/£17/ £230

Chivas Regal 12 Year                  £7/£12/ £150

J.Walker Black Label                   £7/£12/ £150

J.Walker Blue Label                  £18/£35/ £450

Jamesons                                         £6/£9/£130

Glen Garioch  1978                    £28/£50/£630


Single Malt Whisky*/ Bourbon*

Balvenie                                              £8/£14/£180

Glenfiddich 12 Year            £7/£12/£150

Glenmorangie 10 Year       £7/£12/£150

Laphroaig 10 year               £8/£14/£165

Macallan 12y                      £9/£15/£200

Macallan 18 Year              £15/£30/£420

Macallan 21 Year              £30/£60/£840

Yamazaki 12 Year             £10/£18/£250

Hibiki   Harmony               £10/£18/ £250

Hibiki  17 Year                  £25/£50/ £680

Hibiki  21 Year                  £45/£90/£1250

Jack D.                                £6/£8.5/£130

Jack Honey                       £6.5/£10/£140

Woodford Reserve           £7.5/£12 £160

Makers Marks                     £7/£10/£140



Hennessy                         £6.5/£9.00/ £120

Remy Martin                       £7/£11.5/£160

Hennessy XO                          £15/25/£300

Armagnac                           £25/£45/£600



Jagermeister                        £5.5/£10/£135

Sambuca( white or black )     £6/£11/£140


More listed at the bar please enquire


*+Mixers £1.50  +red bull mixer £2.50

+1ltr Juice Box £9.95


*All spirits are served as a standard

50ml measure but we will be happy to pour 25 ml if you ask. Please tell us before ordering. Prices do not include mixers.

A 12.5% Service Charge will be added to your bill

for tab/room/table service..









Finger Food and Snacks


1- Edamame    (vv)     Boiled Japanese green soya beans (v)  £4.00                                          

2- Olives portion (vv)                                                           £4.00

3- Pop Corn Sea Salt packet (vv)                                         £2.20

4- Kette Crisp (vv)   30-40gr packet                                    £2.20

5- Salted peanuts (vv) 50gr packet                                     £2.20

6-*Pizza   Rita Ora  (v)  Classic Cheese and tomato style £10.00

7-*Pizza  Pepperoni  Cheese Tomato, Pepperoni salami £12.50

8-*Pizza Sinatra Cheese,tomato,sunblush tomato,truflle oil.(v)£16.50

9- Fruit Platter (vv) Selection of  seasonal fruits                   £25.00

(24 hour pre-order notice in advance but for availability please enquire)         



*Product contain gluten, dairy

**Product contain gluten,nut

(V)=vegetarian (VV)=vegan

We cannot guaranteed allergen free,

If you have any allergies, please enquire before ordering.



Soft Drinks

Coffee                                                                      £2.00

Coke/Diet Coke                                                     £3.80

Red Bull                                                                   £5.00

Innocent Sparkling can 33cl                               £4.50

Green Tea can/bottle                                             £4.50

Ginger Beer                                                             £3.00

Apple ,Cranberry,Tomato,Lychee, grapefruit,

pomegranate  PassionJuices                            £3.00

Still/sparkling  Mineral Water  33cl                    £2.90

Lemonade,Bitter lemon,soda

tonic water,giner ale                                             £2.50



Non-Alcoholic Cocktails               £7.50


Shakira  Fresh raspberries, blueberries,

strawberries shaken with cranberry juice


Despacito Fresh watermelon shaken with Lychee juice ,

topped with soda. Garnished  with Mint.



A 12.5% Service Charge will be added to your bill

for tab/room/table service..




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