What is the best way to book?

It is best to use our online booking system as an upfront payment is required.

After a successful payment, an email will be sent to you confirming your booking. ( If you do not receive the email confirmation, that means your booking has not been accepted ) 

The person that make the booking, need to be present on the day of the session otherwise we will refuse entrance to all guest.

Please show your Id and/or booking reference at reception.

We accept walk-in.


How can I reset my website email login?

Please follow the link.


What songs language do you provide? Can I see the catalogue online?

All rooms have a selection of over 350.000 English songs ( updated every 4-8 months) with addition of Spanish, French, Italian and Bollywood songs.

Some rooms have the options for Japanese, Russian songs. Please call us to make sure you book the right room for you.

Room 1 – and Room 7  Russian songs option currently NOT available.

Room 3 –  Japanese songs option available.

Room 5 –  Arabic system is currently NOT available anymore.

We have an online songs list available in pdf format. This can be used for reference. We do not have an online songs list for Russian Arabic and Japanese, but the list can be viewed at our branch.

If you would like more information in regard to this, please call us on 0207-493 8800 during opening hours.

Do you do open public Karaoke?

No, we are a private room karaoke only.

What is the difference between Luxury room and Meadow Room?

They can both host 10-12 people but their layout and decoration is different; the Luxury room has a slight better system in terms of acoustic music sound/quality and microphones system.

How many Microphones do we get in the private room?

All rooms have a 2 microphones system. Adding a third microphone will not work with our set-up.

Can I add  my own songs?

No. Unfortunately you can not play or add songs into our system.

Is there a minimum spend? Can I bring a cake?

There is a minimum of a drink ( alcoholic or soft drink ) per person to be purchased from our bar. 

( We do not allow customer bring their food or drinks inside our venue, any products  found in the rooms by our staff/security they will be confiscated and disposed. They will be not returned.). Standard drink are poured as 50 ml unless you specify and request 25ml when you order your drink.

Yes,  you can bring a cake but we do not allow candles/sparkles inside our venue.

What happen if I have extra people? What if I have less people on the night?

If you got any extra people, please notify the reception in advance. There will be a charge of £10 per person/per hour payable on arrival. However, we reserve the right to refuse of entrance if the room or the venue  risk to be overcrowded.

If you happen to have less people on the night, you will still have to keep the original room you booked.

Any upgrade/downgrade/transfer we require a notice of at least 48 hours.

Is there a dress code?

We expect customers to wear elegant, casual smart clothes.

Are you open on Sunday? How late?

Yes we are open.

The last entrance is 22:00 and we are closing at 23:30. 

What is your opening hours? Do you close during Bank Holiday, Christmas and New Year?

We are open 7 days a week. From 3pm until 2 or 3 or 4 am. depending on the night.

Last entrance is 23:59. If you book more than 3 hour in advance last entrance can be at 1:00 a.m.

On Sunday and Monday last entrance is 22:30. The cocktail bar close at 24:00 a.m. On Sunday and Monday the cocktail bar closes at 22:00.

We are open on Sunday and Monday Bank Holidays.

We are open throughout the year 7 days a week but we are closed on 24th-25th-26th of December and the 1st of January every year.

What is your age policy?

Due to licensing restrictions strictly no under 18 years old after 20:00. We operate a strict ID policy, so please ensure you bring a valid form of photo ID to prove you are over 18.

Guests will not be refunded their deposit if any of their party fails to show valid ID.

Management also reserves the right to refuse entry to the venue

Can I record a video inside the Karaoke room?

We allow you to record a video with a mobile phone. Any photos or videos taken by the customer at Karaoke Box premises are owned by Karaoke Box, meaning may be used for promotional purposes.

When using other equipment or for the purpose of  movie/commercial video, we charge a fee.

If you like to know more, please get in contact with us.

What happen if arrive late? What is your no-show policy?

If you arrive late, unfortunately this means your session will be shorter. Your booking time will end as indicated on your booking reference.

We reserve the right to resell the room if the party fails to turn up within an 30 minutes of their start booking time. If you think you’re going to be late, give us a call.

No-show booking will result in no refund, no reschedule, no transfer, no credit.

Do you provide props, tambourine?

Yes we provide tambourines and some props (subject availability) if needed but there is a deposit to pay that you will get it back when returned. (Suspended due to Covid-19)

Can I jump on the sofa?

For healthy and safety reasons  we do not allow customers to jump and/or  stand on the sofa nor on the table. We will terminate your session without refund if  found doing so.

What about Lost Item and Cloakroom ?

We have a very small cloakroom so we ask customers to keep all your belonging with you as much as possible in your private room.

We do not take responsibility for any item lost in our venue. If anything is found, will be kept for a maximum of 7 days, after that the item will be disposed.

What happen in terms of Damages?

As you hire a room from us, we expect to find it in the similar condition at the end of your session as it was when you started.

The person that book the room will be held responsible. 

Failing to make a payment, local police will be contacted.

Any damage to the equipment   will cost as follow: 

Microphones from £200 each.

TVs from at £400 each plus installation fee Touchscreens from £400 plus installation fee Table ,Sofa and walls decoration please enquire.

Any marks/damage made to the sofa by standing on high heels/shoes there will be a charge of £200 plus installation

You may also incur a cleaning charge if any unnecessary mess is made by your group £50-100 or more depend of the scale.

Damaging or removing safety signs £75 plus cost to replace Misuse of fire equipment:  Tampering with a fire extinguisher £150 plus charge to replace Misuse of fire equipment: Discharging a fire extinguisher £150 Malicious fire sensor activation £150 Malicious manual call point activation £150 plus cost to repair Fire sensors or sounders:

  These fine tariffs are reviewed annually.