Room Hire Policy T&Cs


Please read before you make a booking–


We require full payment upfront.

When you make a booking online, you will receive an email confirmation. If you did not receive it, please call us to check whether your payment has been successful or not.

Please show your Id and/or  email booking reference at reception.

The person booking the room must be present and ID will be checked.

We do not allow bookings to be transferred across branches in  Soho, Smithfield and Birmingham. (Exception is possible in some circumstances, please enquire).


Terms & Conditions 

**  Bookings in December ( from 1st until 31st included ) are not refundable AND not reschedulable.   **

For the months from January to November : Cancellations must take place over 48 hours before the booking with 10% admin fee will be deducted from the amount.

Cancellations within 48 hours receive a 50% refund BUT if the cancellations request is received on the same day of your booking it will be non-refundable.


For any changes of date/time/room  we require a minimum of a 48 hours notice and we allow only one change per booking.

( If you would like to change, you can choose a new day only if it is within 2 months from the original booking date)

When a change is made, the booking will be final and not longer refundable.

Bookings made for DECEMBER  are NOT refundable and NOT reschedulable.  

 There is a MINIMUM  2  HOURS booking session
(on all rooms) if you book for any day from the 1st of December to the 31st of December. (included)

Cancellation request  need to be made by sending an email to  with your booking reference.

( We do not accept cancellation request by phone )


0) Lateness and No show

Late arrival will result in time lost and the session will end as previously agreed, unless you wish to extend (depending on availability). We reserve the right to resell the room if the party fails to show up within an hour of their booking time. If you think you will be late, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. No-shows result in no refund, rescheduling, transfer, or credit of any kind.

If you need to change your date or  starting time,  we require at least a  48 hours notice. ( We accept only one change per booking.)

No Show bookings will  not be rescheduled it. They will not be refunded nor credited.

1) Drink Policy

There is a minimum purchase of a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) per person to be bought  from our bar. (Drinks are not included in the room hire fee.)

(All spirits are served as a standard 50ml measure but we will be happy to pour 25 ml if you ask. Please specify before ordering your drink.)

Any unpaid drinks/food left on the room tab will be charged to the person that booked the room.

We do not offer free drinks or discount.

2) Minimum Time

Luxury Room (R1) and Meadow Room (R4) requires a minimum of 2 hours booking to be paid fully in advance.

You must vacate the room when your session is finished otherwise you will be charged for any extra unpaid time.

When you arrive for your booking, please allow us a 5-10 minute “grace period” before entering your room so that the previous guests may leave and that we may prepare the room for you.

On  Thu-Fri-Sat nights after 21:00,  there is a minimum of 2 hour session for every booking.


There is a 12.50% service charge for table/room/tab service. If you do not want to pay service charge you must collect your drinks from the bar and clean your table/room before your time finish.


We do not allow customers bringing their own drink/food from outside into our venue. Any drinks/food smuggled inside the room will be confiscated and NOT returned. (They will be disposed)

Only drinks checked-in at the cloakroom will be returned.

You can bring only your own cake but NO CANDLES, No SPARKLERS.


For Healthy and Safety reason we do NOT allow customers to stand/jump on the sofa/table/stool. No Nudity allowed in our venue. No strippers will be allowed in.

No smoking and No Vaping inside the rooms and venue. We have CCTV in every rooms and smoke detectors.

Failing to comply with our rules,  it will lead to the termination of  your session with or without warning.

(There will be No Refund of the remaining time.)


Any damage and/or any damage caused by careless action will result in the policy ‘you break it, you pay for it’. Failure to pay, local police will be called to the venue and you MUST wait until police arrive.

 You may also incur a cleaning charge if any unnecessary mess and/or stain/vomit/dirt is made by your group £50-100-150 or more depend of the scale.


We reserve the right to refuse of entry,  the right to ask customer to leave and the right to terminate your session without any refund  for not complying with our Terms and Conditions.

8) We do NOT take responsibility for any lost item. If anything is found or handed in at reception it will be kept for a maximum of 7 days after that items, if unclaimed, will be disposed.

9) Age Policy: Strictly No under 18 years old after 8 p.m. You need to provide a valid ID, passport in order to prove it. Our SIA Doorman/Security will check your ID and  will search your bag before entering our  venue. We refuse entrance with no refund if you happen to be over-intoxicated  and/or unable to stand.


Last entrance is 24:00 a.m.(After this time entry will be refused). If you book at least from  2  hours in advance with online booking system the last entrance is 02:00 on Thu/Fri/Sat.

The bar closes 30 minutes before end of session and/or at Management decision.  The cocktail bar closes at 24:30 and on Sunday Monday closes at 22:30.

The venue and/or bar might close earlier, without any prior notice. Our closing time can change and is at Management’s decision, without any prior notice.


Unfortunately there is NO access for wheel-chairs. We are located in a basement with a narrow set of stairs. We advise you to contact our Smithfield branch which has a lift and provide an easier access to the Karaoke rooms.

 12 Extra people

If you got any extra people, please tell reception as there will be a charge of £10 per person/per hour. However, we reserve the right to refuse of  entrance if the room or venue itself risk to be overcrowded.